Friday, May 25, 2012

A England: Ascalon

Today I have for you "Ascalon" by A England.  I have wanted this polish for a while, but never got around to actually buying it.  Well, I had a surprise birthday package come in from my dear friend Ashley.  You probably know her from Ashley Is PolishAddicted!  This was seriously unexpected and beyond sweet.  She also got me another beauty that you will see soon I'm sure.  All I can say is, she is in trouble when her birthday comes around!  Thank you Ash!! <3

"Ascalon" is a steel grey with an almost duo chrome of purple.  It also is a scattered holo, much like the color club holos.  Lovely for sure!

I wanted to wear this and the hearts you will see.  They don't really match, but that's what I love about this manicure.  The hearts really pop.  I purchased them from etsy from The Glitter Source.  It was my first time buying from them and I will be back.  The shipping was FAST and I think you get a lot of glitter for the money.  These bags will go far!  Thank you Bonnie and Dalit.

2 coats: Ascalon
Added the hearts
1 coat: Gelous
2 coats: SH Insta-Dri Anti-Chip

**I did experience some bubbles for the first time with the top coat.  I do believe it's because I did too many wet layers at a time.

Pictures taken outdoors and in artificial lighting.


  1. very cute!! Love the shade :)

  2. Awesome birthday present! Amazing polish! :)

  3. Ascalon is gorgeous! The hearts are a cute touch.

  4. pretty! i love how different the hearts are compared to the base polish, they do pop!

  5. Love it Jen!! Looks amazing on you! So glad you like it! ♥

  6. Beautiful!!! I love it!!
    Especially the light hearts. They look like stones reflecting the sun!! Amazing!!!

  7. Thank you all for the lovely comments <3